My Fleece. Your Vote. G-d’s Choice

CHANGE. Last November our country elected a president who promised change. During his first month in office, changes have indeed begun. Major changes. In the U.S.A. Around the world. And in Israel.

Zion Public Radio (ZPR) has reached a point where it too must change. The big question is how. But an even bigger question, the biggest one of all, is this: how does G-d want it to change?

I was recently approached with an offer to acquire ZPR. And there has been talk about merging it with another entity.

Early negotiations have begun.

What do you think…about the change that G-d wants?

ZPR is a U.S. educational nonprofit. It is officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

According to its by-laws, ZPR’s mission is “to produce and acquire the broad community of people in North America who support the existence, prosperity and sovereignty of Israel.”

I am ZPR’s CEO. As an individual, I am a Christian. ZPR, however, is not a religious entity. The heart of my dream has been to strengthen non-Jewish support of Israel, Christian or not. And to provoke all non-Jewish supporters to *act* on Israel’s behalf: through business, educational activities, personal visits and meaningful dialogue.

ZPR was born 18 months ago. It has encountered many challenges. The biggest was complete withdrawal of promised support—life support—from our original underwriter.

The result is a bright-eyed but skeletal infant.

There are only three ways that ZPR, as it must, can change: 1) Adoption by new “parents;” 2) New sources of nourishment from a community that believes it must survive; or 3) Euthanasia.

This coming March 20-29 three people will be in Israel: Katrina and Martin Dzuris and I will be emissaries of ZPR. We will interview, record and film Israelis about their lives and their opinions. About America, the rising tide in global anti-Semitism. And their own new government. All of this is in-line with ZPR’s mission.

And it is a fleece. Kind of like what Gideon did in Judges, chapter 6. The difference is, unlike Gideon, G-d has not given me a crystal clear command.

MY QUESTION OF G-D: do You want ZPR to grow according to its original conception, get adopted by new management, or be …dismantled?
If ZPR is supposed to remain under current management, it needs immediate and *ongoing* help from a like-minded community of friends.
MY FLEECE BEFORE G-D: If we receive 500 donations of $50.00 by March 31, the L-rd is telling us to move ahead with ZPR’s original vision. If we do not, then He is telling us to relinquish it.

If the L-rd is leading you to be part of His decision, you can do so by making a $50 donation at this link:
NOTE 1: You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

NOTE 2: Multiple, and ongoing, “votes” will not be rejected. :-)
Or you may send a check payable to Zion Public Radio to 6561 Rolling Fork Dr, Nashville, TN 37205.

Between now and 31 March 2009 I will keep you posted about the number of votes—$50.00 donations—that have come in.

And by all means, pray. Pray that our hearts will be receptive to clearly hear, and obey, G-d’s will.

Blessings and Shalom to you,