GO or SEND: Now, Today. Why?

Wednesday, 11 February 2009 / re 20-29 MARCH 2009

NEARLY ONE-THIRD of Europeans “blame Jews for the global economic meltdown” (reported yesterday by the Associated Press).

President Obama is establishing diplomatic relations with Iran, known underwriter of global terrorism and about to join the Nuclear Club. Its president, Ahmadinejad, denies the Holocaust and is standing by his public vow to "wipe Israel off the map."

One month ago, and for the first time since Israel was re-born, there was not a single country in the United Nations Security Council who stood with her. UN Resolution 1860 condemned Israel's self-defense by a vote of 14 to Zero. The U.S.A. abstained.

Nations, popular sentiment and media are lining up against all Jews and the sovereign State of Israel.

Fellow Christians, now is the time, today is the day, to take a side and stand with G-d's Chosen People in their Promised Land.

But how can we do so unless we know the truth? And how can we know the truth unless we hear from Israelis in their Land? And how can we hear unless we are sent?

On MARCH 20-29 we have a chance to hear it first and hear it firsthand in Israel itself.

It is an opportunity so timely, I contend it is an obligation.

An obligation to either GO or SEND Christian leaders. Not to talk and teach. But to listen and to learn. And then to spread the truth throughout their spheres of influence all around the world.

To GO...
  1. Read the complete PDF information packet. You can get it at this link: ZPR's PDF Briefing Tour Packet

  2. Complete your registration form (included in the pdf packet).

  3. Book your own airfare NOW. Lock in low rates while you can. Do it on airline websites, or using an all-in-one site like http://www.ytbtravel.com/sbeaufort

  4. Reserve your spot with Katrina D Dzuris. Email: Katrina@Dzuris.com.
  1. Immediately send this information to Christian leaders who need to go.

  2. Commission them to go.

  3. Support the trip. The sponsor is Zion Public Radio, a U.S. nonprofit recognized as such by the IRS. Help underwrite—right now—by clicking on the PayPal link below

  4. Pray, pray, pray.
And call or write with any questions. Toda raba. And, as always, Baruch Hashem

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