ZPR wins IRS exempt status-Original

December 27, 2007

Earlier today I called the IRS. My highest hope was that, 4 months since submission, ZPR's application for tax-exempt recognition had been assigned to a reviewer.

Well, it had. But whoever it was never called or wrote. Instead she, or he, approved it!

I spoke with—and recorded—my conversation with IRS Agent, Ms. Griffith. In spite of an uncomfortable cold and seasonal stress, her tone was warm.

Zion Public Radio, she said, "did receive its exempt status and...should receive [its] exempt determination letter within the next two weeks."


Among other things, this means that all donations to ZPR in 2007 are indisputably deductible according to IRS tax law. Which begs the obvious question,

When must a contribution be made in order to qualify for a deduction in 2007?

The answer, according to the IRS, is at this link:

Bottom line: contributions are deductible in the year that they are made.

Meaning you have until this coming Monday, December 31st in order to obtain a deduction in 2007 for your Charter Membership in Zion Public Radio.

The easiest way to get this done—and have records to prove it—is to give by bank transfer or credit-debit card, in our case through PayPal. It's simple as a click above this little icon:

If you prefer to send a check, it looks like you need a shipping receipt dated no later than December 31.

Because I'm not an expert in tax-law or accounting, and because every situation is unique, you should direct any questions about your own situation to a qualified tax-accounting professional.

But hurry. And for all of us using the Gregorian calendar, by necessity or choice...

A Blessed New Year!