Christian leaders uniting AGAINST Israel

A growing number of Christian leaders are uniting AGAINST Israel. They are easy to find.

One example is the Facebook group, “Gaza Christian Martyrs,” with membership close to 2000.

I was drawn to it because I agree: there are Christian martyrs in Gaza. But martyred by whom? According to this group these Christian martyrs are being “murdered by Israeli & Zionist terror in Gaza, Palestine.”

No, no, no. They are being martyred by *Hamas.* Hamas has instituted crucifixion as punishment for Palestinian Christians. Hamas is on record, and miles of video, calling for and carrying out execution of Palestinians who follow Jesus as Messiah, Savior, Son of G-d and Prophet. Palestinians who choose Jesus, not Muhammad.

And the Facebook officers of “Gaza Christian Martyrs?” They are *all* Christian clergy. How can this be?

Biblical Judaism and Christianity agree: there is only one G-d: the G-d of Abraham-Isaac-and-Jacob. And according to biblical Christianity this same G-d is not only fully human in His incarnation. He is also fully *Jewish.*

Has G-d abandoned his own ethnic tribe? G-d forbid. He is one of them. Jews remain G-d’s uniquely chosen people. His love for them, his own human family, along with the mission, inheritance and promises He has given them, are irrevocable. (Romans 11:29)

We Gentiles who stand with G-d’s Chosen People in their divinely Promised Land must also unite. We also must take a public stand. Remember the Shoah—the Holocaust. Never again, my fellow Goyim. Silence is not an option.

Does our stand with the Jewish State of Israel mean that we believe she is always right? No. But hello? Neither are we.

Does it mean we are monolithic in our understanding of what it means to support Israel? Of course not.

But we chose to celebrate our different understandings as creative catalysts to take a wide variety of positive actions on behalf of Israel.

What can you do?

  1. Recruit Christian leaders to join Facebook's Pastors for Israel: the GROUP and its sibling CAUSE.

  2. Initiate discussions. Post information. Stand guard against enemy infiltrators. Help lead this cause and this group.

  3. Write me, call me. Let’s pray and with G-d’s help, brainstorm.
Baruch Hashem. And, Shabbat Shalom,

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