Christianity's anti-Semitic virus

Dear fellow Christians,

Over the past few months there has been a dramatic increase in anti-Semitism around the world. It has been stimulated by Israel's recent operation against Hamas. And by a global recession that could easily turn into another Great Depression.

People are afraid, especially in wealthy Western nations. The Middle East could go nuclear. Energy supplies could dry up. We might lose our houses. Hungry, homeless indigents might coalesce.

Throughout history fear easily turns into terror, terror into blame, blame into hate, and hatred into murder. It is happening again.

Why? Human nature, by itself, will do anything to avoid three aspects of reality: 1) personal responsibility; 2) hardships of life beyond our control; and 3) accountability to the one-and-only G-d who Is. Instead, we look for someone else to blame, people we can hold "morally responsible." And therefore execute "with due cause."

Still, it requires something powerful to convert fear into "righteous indignation," and its attending murder into a self-justifying Final Solution.

That powerful thing is ideology, especially when, like yeast, hate is pinched into the philosophical dough of nationalism. And religion.

NOTE: Nationalism and religion are not inherently evil. But whenever they exalt themselves above G-d or take His place (usually doing so in His Name), they are easily infected by hate, converting themselves into self-righteous monsters.

Today's global fears, once again, are turning into blame against Israel and, respectively, against Jews in Israel and around the world.

For many Christians it is easy to identify the political and religious source of renewed anti-Semitism: the United Nations and Radical Islam.

But there is another ideology that is at least as dangerous. It is among us. And in us. Its viral infection began in the 2nd Century. Ever since it has been used to justify countless atrocities against countless Jews.

That viral infection is Replacement Theology.

A Facebook friend, Dot, has submitted an essay about it and opened a related Discussion Topic. Click this line to read her Facebook note.

This is a painful subject. But we must not look away. We must, instead, look it in the eye, understand it, discuss it, separate its truth from its dangerous errors. And then renounce those errors: first and foremost in *ourselves.*

We must take *positive* action by standing with our Messiah's Jewish family wherever they live, even when we disagree. And by standing with them in their sovereign Jewish State of Israel. Because it is their Promised Land deeded to them by G-d himself. Forever.

And we must unite as one. RECRUIT like-minded Christian leaders to our FACEBOOK Group, Pastors for Israel, and to its related Cause (see links to both below).

Finally, remember the nature of our souls' opponent. Keep your armor on. Stand firm. And please, pray for me as well.

Baruch Hashem: "Blessed is/be The Name"

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