Are you convinced that Israel has the right to exist—and prosper?
Are you troubled by Radical Islam's infiltration of popular media?
Are you concerned Americans don't know Israelis as real people?

Still, what can one person do? Alone, usually not much.
But if we join forces, combine resources, and share a common goal...
We can give Israelis a voice in the USA, speaking to Americans as neighbors.

Here's How:__

Zion Public Radio is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed
to do this very thing:
produce programming that features Israelis from
every walk of life,
sharing their lives, their stories, their convictions.

We have the skill, the programming and the passion.
Now we need a team that shares our passion and our dream.
Are you one of these? Then you no longer have to dream alone.

You are invited: become a Charter Member o
f Zion Public Radio.

Just click on the icon above. It will take you to
our PayPal link where you can give b
y bank transfer
or credit
card. You do not have to have a PayPal account.

The dues you pay are up to G-d and you.

And the benefits are priceless.
  1. You will no longer be alone in your convictions. Instead you will be a member of our team. A cause dedicated to building media platforms on which Israelis are able to share their hearts and minds and souls directly with listeners in the USA.

  2. You will have priority access to ZPR's broadcasters and producers.

  3. You will have access to "insider information." Things like confidential reports. Secret links to interviews not included in regular broadcasts. Invitation-only opportunities to participate in on-site interviews in Israel. Yes, in Israel.

  4. You will receive behind-the-scenes and real-time correspondence. Things like personal notes from hosts and program directors. Participation in conference calls. Virtual seminars with Israeli VIPs.

  5. And we will give you direct access to our guests—assuming, of course, they give us their okay. Direct access will probably take on different forms. Often it will by email. Other times there will be participation in live online forums. And sometimes face-to-face encounters.


JP said...

ZPR's blogsite is among the best I've seen. And I really like the post, HOW. All the best...