AUDIO: On the air in Israel: hear it here!

July 12, 2007

My partner, Greg, has engineered a terrific audio introduction to the radio program we would love to start producing ASAP. Well, I think it's terrific.

But hey, listen for yourself and let us know what you think:

Click Play to hear the program demo: in Microsoft's browser, IE, click Play twice
(give it just a little time to load up from another site)

And here's an amazing thing. One week ago today I was visiting executives at Arutz Sheva: Baruch Gordon, Director of English Media for and Yishai Fleisher, head of programming for, a division of

We talked about many ways our respective efforts can reinforce and help each other. One idea was the possibility of hitting a circuit of U.S. cities with "An Evening of Jewish-Christian Dialogue."

What fun, especially if we could wrap the discourse with mini-concerts featuring Jewish musicians on the front-end and the back.

Then, while visiting, Yishai invited me to join him on his show, Yishai Fleisher and friends, that same afternoon. How cool is that? Such an honor!

Here's the portion of Yishai's program on which I was his guest:

Click Play to hear Brian on-air with Yishai Fleisher: in Microsoft's IE click Play twice
(again, give it a few seconds to load up from another site)

There are two other ways you can access these mp3s. Click on the option you prefer:

  1. Program Demo: Download or play inside your browser
  2. Brian as a guest on Yishai Fleisher's program: Download or play inside your browser
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And if you're not aware of the unlikely path that has brought us to this point, take look at prior posts...

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