Radical Islam hits home

July 4, 2007

In the USA this is Independence Day. There is a rabid elephant crashing our parades and ready to explode with something worse than fireworks. It’s time to stop pretending that it isn’t there.


17 days ago my brother’s oldest son was riding in a Humvee somewhere in Iraq. His name is David Schrauger. He’s 23 years old and in the U.S. Army. Riding with 3 other men, the Humvee hit an IED.

SPC David Schrauger, Pre-IED injuries

I heard about it here, in Jerusalem. Almost immediately after David was wounded he spoke with his dad by phone. He expressed a number of I-love-you messages.

For a long time information was sketchy. David had a spinal injury, two shattered arms, a damaged knee and shrapnel wounds from shoulders to toes. But his bruised lungs contracted pneumonia. Necessary surgeries were put on hold.

Doctors insisted his parents immediately fly to their son’s bedside in Frankfurt.

Cliff is David’s dad and one of my two brothers. We are close. Before Cliff left we prayed, begging G-d to spare David’s life, to restore his spirit and his heart, his body and his mind.


During these ensuing days I have continued praying for my nephew. And I’ve thought a lot about that angry elephant’s intent: crush anyone outside its herd.

This dangerous behemoth isn’t George Bush, Tony Blair, Republicans or Democrats. True, they and others like them are big and sometimes bad.

But Bush didn’t blow up 4 young men riding in a Humvee, defending Iraqi citizens from terrorists. Blair didn’t bury the IED that has damaged my nephew for life. Imperfect as these men and others like them are, none of them planted that IED any more than they hijacked those jets on September 11, 2001.

I’m all for blame. But for heaven’s sake let’s put it where it belongs.

The unapologetic rogue is Radical Islam (RI). That’s the rabid mastodon stomping a path through our lands: a rampaging ideology that’s wooing wounded souls with promises of Paradise. And crushing anyone who won’t convert or at least submit.

“Now-now-now,” patronizes the starry host shining in the West’s night sky. “That mammoth and its Ice-Age herd are Over There, not Here. If we’ll get off their land and bring our soldiers home, they’ll leave us alone. After all, they’ve promised.”

Oh. Well. That sounds reasonable. But when I turn the TV off and shut down my computer prickly thoughts resuscitate unease. Remember President Carter’s 1978 Camp David Accords? It created a sovereign Palestinian Authority to rule in Gaza and West Bank territories. And persuaded Israel to withdraw from Sinai.

And 29 years ago it was all based on the same promise: Land for Peace. And such a peace hath this promise wrought. Just ask Egypt’s Anwar Sadat. Whoops, can’t; sorry about that. He was murdered with religious sanction by the EIJ.

(Shh, don’t tell, but today’s CEO of the EIJ is al-Zawahri: al-Qaeda’s Number Two; Bin Laden’s right-hand man.)

Hello? Read that "Shh" again!

For 30 years RI has promised. Its ivory incisors (one called Land, the other Peace) cut deals in two Oslo Accords. Then after Camp David’s Summit “failure” the rogue went on rampage. It was the 2nd Intifada against the State of Israel: indiscriminate suicidal murders that lasted several years. And on that 9/11 day RI celebrated, dancing in the streets.

The Promise works so well, why change it? Today’s RI continues offering Land For Peace. And we continue buying it.

“Here’s an idea,” susurrates Western Intelligentsia like a Miss Universe contestant. “Let’s just bounce-bounce-jiggle-wiggle ourselves out of the Middle East and the Jews out of ‘Palestine.’ Then we’ll have our greatest wish: world peace. Land-for-peace, land-for-peace, land-for-peace…”

Let’s pretend we executed Miss Universe’s plan. Uh-oh, what about members of the RI herd who have trekked West? Are they going to pack their trunks and go home?

Not likely. Just ask the British who are defusing car bombs. Or in the USA let's add this activity to our Independence Day. Check out the government report, Exposing Terrorists in America. Look at the property they own in your State! Check out the training compound nearest to your home!

RI rogues aren’t only There; they are Here.

Soldiers fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan—and in Israel’s IDF—are risking their lives protecting the West from a whole-herd-rampage in our lands. It is high time we thank them and help them all we can. Especially with our prayers.


Over the past 17 days David has been moved from Baghdad to Frankfurt to Washington D.C. and finally settled at the Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. That’s where he will remain for some time to come. His badly damaged body is recovering, but the road ahead is long.

As it also is for his heart and mind. In spite of a resilient spirit, he is fighting flashbacks. And he's only just begun a pilgrimage of grief. David recently learned that one buddy riding in the Humvee did not survive his injuries.

SPC David Schrauger, Post-IED injuries, in San Antonio's
Brooke Army Medical
3851 Roger Brooke Dr., Rm 462, Bed 1
Fort Sam Huston, TX 78234-4501

For the complete story of David’s drama and updates on his status, click this paragraph. Scroll down the new page and click on David's photo. That will take you his blogsite. Yes, this is the easiest way to get from here to there.


Anonymous said...

David my daughter sent me your blog, the story about the elephant is very true, we are all under attack. In my Country innocent people are being killed in the name of religion.I never thought it would happen here I know it will not stop, that is not want they want...they want to distroy anyone who does not think the same as them.
I will be pray for you and all the other young men and women who are fighting for our freedom. God Bless you All

Lindsay said...

Uncle Brian,
I enjoyed this blog. Not that I found it amusing, funny, or simple.. but it really brought a lot to the table. It made me contemplate and it again brought to my attention that the greatest thing we can do is pray. Prayer for the fighting. Prayer for the leaders of our countries. And even prayer for the attackers. G-d is the ony One that can forgive and lead others on an eternal path of righteousness.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

My daughter sent me your blog. The story about the elephant is very true; we are all under attack. In my Country innocent people are being killed in the name of religion. I never thought it would happen here, but I know it will not stop; that is not want they want. They want to destroy anyone who does not think the same as them. I will be pray for David and all the young men and women who are fighting for our freedom. God Bless you all.