Program debut: from Jerusalem to you

Friday, September 28,2007
Reporting from Jerusalem...

Our first full program is complete, and you can hear it here.

There are at least a thousand reasons why this flagship effort should have failed. Three weeks in Jerusalem, with another week to go, have felt like 3 years. The time has been good. Very good, in fact.

But good doesn't equal easy. Ha! If only it were so. The spiritual-emotional intensity has often seemed overwhelming. If you'd like to get an idea why, check out the post I wrote, IJS: Israel-Jerusalem Syndrome.

And this time, like a virulent virus, IJS reached out 8,000 miles all the way to Dallas, Texas. That's where my partner in this venture, Greg Cromartie, lives. He's the engineer-producer of our effort.

His first symptom of IJS was unusual difficulty in putting the pieces together into a cohesive single program. And then his mother died. Oy vey. It was as if invisible but tangibly malicious forces were conspiring against us.

But with G-d's help we persevered.

So, listen in! And please, tell us what you think. We know the program will change a lot over the months to come.


This Week In Jerusalem:

You are also welcome to download the show,
then play it on your iPod or computer.

Just click this link:

Rosh Hashanah in Jerusalem

Grateful for you, including your encouragement and prayers,



Anonymous said...

Brian and Greg- I really enjoyed your program. It was very enlightening. I look forward to many more of your programs in the future.

G-d bless you. Sarah

Ang said...

AHA! What a FASCINATING program! You guys are PROS! I learned so much, and it was just like being there.

Can't WAIT to hear what's next!